The Trip, Paris and so on.


Hello, I’ve just returned from an 8 week tour of France, bits of Italy, a touch of Switzerland and a hint of Belgium. I travelled alone for most of the trip apart from meeting up with friends in Paris and was joined by my brother in Monaco and Cinque Terre. I hope to explain and elaborate on the scruffy/artistic notes I’ve taken along the way. Its two note books filled with cool times, great restaurants, groovy bars, strange happenings and delirious quotes. I love to go out with friends and family but sometimes you cant beat going for it on your own and being left to your own devices, go where you want take as much or little time as you like, sneak out of sticky situations and stumble upon fantastic times. In nearly every place I visit I’ll try and go to the best and worse areas, I love the contrast between the two and normally end up liking the less talked about supposedly worse, up and coming places (rebel, rebel). Give us a chance, read, read on.


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