Blubering In Florence. BLUB!


Florence your absolutely gorgeous with all that ol’ charm and stuff but sometimes places need to get a bit of a kick in the bollocks and try something new, I wouldn’t say this was an almighty kick but it’s a pretty groovy start. Whilst wandering the dawn coloured streets I couldn’t help noticing the subtle street art that’s stamped across the city. This Blub fellow was my pick of the best bunch, his pieces known as L’Arte Sa Nuotare (Art Knows How To Swim) are very clever, eye-catching, addictive and limitless. Quite simply famous and historic folk, predominately Italians with worthy non natives thrown in wearing scuba and swim wear. Very Yes!


Here’s some Photos I got, Boum! oops I mean BLUB!

778  IMG_2094  IMG_2248  IMG_2363  785  IMG_2275IMG_2361   IMG_2368 IMG_2369