MOJO, I’ve Found It!




Yo Jo!

Luckily by accident I got it, this copy of MOJO, from a local establishment. This is how.

”Can I buy this?”

”yes you can borrow it.” Said the barman.

”No, no, can I have it.. and keep it, I love the cover, I may frame it” I said.

He had a good look at it and said.

”Ooh it’s a gooden, but go on then, keep it!”

Perfectly simple, asking for something for nothing that’s worth paying for.

Thank you very much that barman and that establishment, Heroes !!



The coolest cover I’ve ever seen, an old copy of MOJO from 1996 in the September issue, the month of my birthday. Not only is it the bestest cover, but it features two of my favourite bands, Pink Floyd and Fleetwood Mac. This issue focuses on the mysterious minds of Pink Floyd’s Syd Barrett and Peter Green’s Fleetwood Mac. Both have heroic status and wonderful outer world stories, unstoppable forces only to be stopped by themselves!

Some P H O T O ‘ S

JuSt HeRe …



IMG_2719 photo